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Anonymous asked: Evillious
  • Push off a cliff: Venomania
  • Frick frack: Allen (is this surprising to anyone at all)
  • Marry: Clarith or Allen
  • Set on fire: Prim.
  • Wrap a blanket around: Riliane
  • Be roommates with: Allen or Gumillia or Elluka


your-dream-has-a-flavour asked: ☆~ "Is it that you wish to set me on fire then put the fire out with the blanket? Or is the blanket-wrapping completely separate from setting me on fire? Colour me curious." (( He wouldn't leave me be until I asked. ))

Totally separate from each other.
You’re a jerk sometimes, Leva.
But you’re also so precious

Anonymous asked: Black Butler


  • Push off a cliff: Claude
  • Frick frack: Alois
  • Marry: Finnian
  • Set on fire: Hannah.
  • Wrap a blanket around: Lizzie Midford aaaaaaaa
  • Be roommates with: Earl Charles Grey hella
Anonymous asked: The Baku Fandom

oh boy

  • Push off a cliff: Hamlet
  • Frick frack: uhmis it conceited of me to say Melissa
  • Marry: missy dont hurt me but probably Wren
  • Set on fire: Leva
  • Wrap a blanket around: Melissa, or Leva
  • Be roommates with: Roku or Missy
muses-of-alcedea asked: Fandom Asks: KagePro for you~
  • Push off a cliff: Kenjirou
  • Frick frack: Kuroha
  • Marry: Momo
  • Set on fire: just for humor purposes, kido. actually no itd be Kenjirou still
  • Wrap a blanket around: Marry
  • Be roommates with: Momo or Kano
Anonymous asked: I saw Wadanohara here so for the fandom thing how about Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea?
  • Push off a cliff: Orca tbh
  • Frick frack: S-Sal…
  • Marry: hmmmmm idek??? uhm????? theres a few so????? Tatsumiya????????? i don t know
  • Set on fire: Orca also
  • Wrap a blanket around: Dolphi
  • Be roommates with: Memoca
http://itsleightaylor.tumblr.com/post/74215037405/give-me-a-fandom-and-ill-tell-you-which-characters-i itsleightaylor

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you which characters I would

  • Push off a cliff
  • Frick frack
  • Marry
  • Set on fire
  • Wrap a blanket around
  • Be roommates with

And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr


Wadanohara!!!!!! this game fucked me up but it was so cute in the beginning……….
experimented with a new shading style, also it’s transparent if that matters


Wadanohara!!!!!! this game fucked me up but it was so cute in the beginning……….

experimented with a new shading style, also it’s transparent if that matters

http://highnunh.tumblr.com/post/85376784546/for-the-purpose-of-character-building-feel-free-to highnunh

For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.



           Blink, blink. Staaaaaaaaaaaaare.

    He simply let himself land on his feet- though still stared up at the blond, even if he had to tilt his head up for that. Not that he cared about that.

              ·⊰ ※ ⊱ "…You look like you’ve.. seen a ghost."

"A-Are you saying you’re not a ghost?” he stammers, still very off-put by the child’s (is he a child?) appearance.

He coughs awkwardly in poor attempt to regain composure. “Erm… sorry. Uh… what’s your name, kiddo?” he bent down to the other’s height.

Anonymous asked: M!A: For the next week, whenever he hears music or sick beats, Hev will begin to gleefully belly dance regardless of mood or situation.



Open wounds ; Ito | Heavenly


       He knew where to find him, and trying to walk as quietly as he could was an hard task with those shoes of his. A certain blond would have his lesson — just like the others had. And he wasn’t going to let that moment pass away until he was done with his deeds. Causing suffering was the result in the end and one was going to enjoy it.

                    A snarl left his lips as he opened the door.


              「 ✗;; 」 - "Show yourself, Spineless rat."

        Joking around wasn’t his time, hiding neither. If the other didn’t point his presence, he was probably going to let his anger explode when he’d find him.

Heavenly glanced up from his desk, abruptly putting down the pen he had been writing with. Dammit, lost my train of thought. He observed the other quickly, and noticed something was… off. The mothy couldn’t pinpoint it, but it felt like the man’s aura was… different, compared to usual. Hmm…

"What do you want, Ito?" the boy asked flatly, cautious. He made sure to choose his words carefully— not wanting to end up injured like he had been for the past week. He’s mostly healed now, just a small headache is all that’s left of Hellish’s damage.

requiembleu asked: [Kageito] Casually just, floats behind Hev.

He turns around, noticing that someone’s behind him.

"W-W-What the—"

Hev are you scared of a shadow-creature-thing that’s shorter than you are you kidding me

http://rugrash.tumblr.com/post/49599848975/handwritten-post-day-tmi rugrash

Handwritten Post

  • 1: Write your URL in some writing that you thought were super cool when you were younger. Eg, bubble letters, digital clock letters, letters with lots of embellishments, or letters with smiley faces in them.
  • 2: Write a list of all the countries or states you’ve been to. Write a comment on each of them. Or some, if you can’t be bothered.
  • 3: List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons.
  • 4: Draw a selfie.
  • 5: Name three things you like about yourself.
  • 6: Do you like the climate you live in? What do you like about it or what would you change?
  • 7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.
  • 8: Can you tie a bow-tie? A regular tie? If yes, how and when did you learn?
  • 9: Pick something from your immediate surroundings and tell the story behind the item.
  • 10: The last time you noticed you’d put a piece of clothing on incorrectly, i.e. backwards/inside out/etc?
  • 11: What is a typical breakfast for you?
  • 12: How do you take your favorite coffee? Eg strong or weak? Black or with cream/milk and/or sugar/sweetener? Filter, espresso, French press or instant? Hot or iced? Regular or decaf? None of the above?
  • 13: Describe your favorite food. Who makes it?
  • 14: List 5 movies that you love.
  • 15: What is a wanky memory from Tumblr that still makes you blush?
  • 16: What brought you to Tumblr?
  • 17: Have you had any real Tumblr crushes? If you want to keep your mystery, answer with a drawing.
  • 18: Do you prefer to text or call your friends?
  • 19: Write an autograph version of your URL.
  • 20: Pick up the nearest printed material in your first language and copy out a random paragraph.
http://fuck-yeah-levi-rivaille.tumblr.com/post/53364783629 fuck-yeah-levi-rivaille