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Pain headcanon

Heavenly has a relatively average pain tolerance- but it can also be considered lower than average, due to his poor stamina. He can handle pain, but his body is frail and thus he can’t go through too much without fainting from stress.

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((Room headcanon? Food? WHAT COLOUR ARE HIS SOCKS?! uh also windows to the east or west?))

Room headcanon i did awhile back, i can dig around for it…


Heavenly isn’t really picky about food (so long as it’s not made from human meat Grave take note), but if he has a preference, it’s baked goods/pastries. Brioche is an obvious like, along with eclairs and other sweets.

Also, his socks are white, and his window is to the west.

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basic information

➜ ( general information )

  • full name : Master of the Heavenly Yard, Allen Avadonia, or Alexiel Lucifen d’Autriche. Take your pick.
  • nicknames : Hev, Irregular, "spineless rat", etc.
  • age : 14-16 physically (actually 500+)
  • date of birth : 12/27
  • nationality : Lucifenian (French)
  • occupation : Uhm??? God?????
  • sexuality : Bisexual

( appearance )

  • face claim : Allen Avadonia (Servant of Evil Kagamine Len)
  • height : 5’2”, 5’4” with heeled shoes
  • hair color : Blonde
  • eye color : ocean blue
  • distinguishing features : scar around his neck.
( background information )
  • hometown : N/A
  • current residence : Gallerian’s Theatre
  • financial status : Well enough??
  • education level : self taught…? probably equal to a college graduate tbh
  • intellectual level : super high
  • father & mother : Long story … .
  • siblings : “Other Half”/twin sister

(Source: fuckyeah-char-dev)

Young Nemesis - Abandoned In The Woods| Open


"Oh, is that what that big hot box is for?? I just used it to keep the house warm when it gets cold…" He grabbed Heavenly’s hand and led him towards the kitchen, pointing to the oven when he got there. There were scorches all over the cabinets next to it, and finger prints in some of the soot. Probably just from people using it.

"It’s kinda old and burnt up, but maybe you can still use it." He smiled up at Heavenly - it was really nice to have a visitor! He wasn’t so lonely, now!

"I-I’ll try anything once~"


Heavenly followed awkwardly, surprised that the other could easily drag him. Wow, that helps my self esteem. he resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"… Well, it looks a bit out of use, but if I can find some grains and eggs, I should be able to make something…" He continued looking around, opening a few cabinets to find nothing but dust.

Young Nemesis - Abandoned In The Woods| Open



"What’s baking?" He asked. He’d never heard the term before. He’d only ever eaten fruits and vegetables - occasionally some cooked meat - usually on his birthdays.

"Well… I like apples." It was one of his favorite fruits, really. "B…But also peaches and - and carrots! I really like carrots!"

"Like… making cakes, bread, stuff like that. Surely this place has an oven?" he glanced around, looking for any sort of evidence of baking utensils. He had a hunch that the stuff was around, but Nemesis never tried to use it.

"Carrots, huh? Hm… Carrot cake comes to mind, I guess…" he’s not a big fan of that to be honest. "Apple pie, peach cobbler… et cetera."

Young Nemesis - Abandoned In The Woods| Open



He nodded at his question.

"Y..Yeah. Daddy leaves lots of food when he comes by. I never see him, though, so I can never ask for things I really want to eat again. But that’s okay, he’s still taking care of me!" Nemesis stood and finished his apple before putting the core in the tank for Ziz.

"M..My name is Nemesis. It’s nice to meet you, Allen!!"

Oh. So this kid ends up being that male Hellish he’s met? No wonder this situation sounded familiar- it’s what MA did to the Nemesis he knew.

Well, this is awkward as Hell— no pun intended. “Well, what kind of stuff do you like? I could bake something for you, if you like,” he offered. Maybe he could help this kid, even just a little bit.

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At least I left out Kyle?

"I was expecting you to add him, to be honest…"

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So far, it's Gammon and Hellish, though I plan to invite more.

"… I don’t know how to feel about this."

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Are you saying you don't want to join my club?

"… Who else is in the club?"

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Young Nemesis - Abandoned In The Woods| Open


Ziz-san has started squirming around, making Nemesis curious. That was odd for Ziz, wasn’t it? But then he heard footsteps. Was it his father? No… He would have just used the door… Too afraid of who this intruder might be, Nemesis stayed very still and hid his face in his knees until the stranger spoke.

He peeked up cautiously, still holding his apple close to his chest, and almost shied away from the man - except he seemed to only be a few years older….


"…Y…Yeah.. I’m just…. waiting for daddy, is all. He said… He said he’d come back."



"H-He didn’t abandon me, i-if that’s wh…what you’re thinking…"


"…I don’t think so, anyways…" He stared at the fruit in his hands.

"A… Ah. I wasn’t thinking that at all, don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll come back for you…!" he responded with a weak smile on his face. "Sorry if I scared you, this place looked abandoned, I didn’t realize that you’d be here…” yeah that was probably a bad line. Too late now though.

"… you’ve only got an apple? Isn’t there more food in the kitchen or something?" Heavenly inquired. Maybe he could help this child out, make his day a bit better. "What’s your name, kiddo? I’m Allen."

Young Nemesis - Abandoned In The Woods| Open


The only indication of time were the notes left every year stating how old Nemesis was. The only other living thing in the house was the octopus in the tank that sat next to him most of the day. There was nothing to do, nothing to play. All he could do was sit and wait.

But as he crunched on an apple that was left for him, he didn’t know what he was really waiting for. It was clear his father came back when he wasn’t looking, but… Was he going to come back when he was?

He pulled his knees up to his chest and stared at the paper with a “10” on it at his feet. Would he come back to see him today? Would he ever come back at all?



The voices continued to say. That just couldn’t be true, though…


Was he abandoned out here?

Great, where the Hell did he end up now? Heavenly grumbled to himself as he sulked through the forest. Funnily enough, it looked greener than he remembered… actually, no, that’s not funny. That’s worrisome. That means it’s probably not the Millennial Forest he remembers. Shit.

Eventually, he came across a house, musty and seemingly abandoned, but the mothy could sense something in there. He found that the front door was firmly shut, as was the back. “… Huh. For a place nearly in ruins, the doors’ locks seem fine.”

Maybe he should’ve taken it as a sign to leave the place alone, but his curiosity demanded otherwise. He continued pushing and pulling at the back door with no luck, until he finally noticed that there was a broken window. How did he not notice it before? The blond crawled through it and began exploring the small cottage. Good thing the place is abandoned, right…?

Within a few moments, he came upon a boy in an empty room, that had only an octopus for company. Double shit. The teen slowly extended a hand to the child, gently and cautiously, as though moving too quickly would anger or upset the kid. And it probably would.

"A… Are you alright?"

Introduce your muse!


Name: Master of the Heavenly Yard, Alexiel, Allen Avadonia, etc. 
Age:  14-16 (actually 500+)
Height: 5’2, 5’4 with heeled shoes.
Eye Color: Ocean blue
Hair Color: blond
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic
Species: Unknown, presumed to be a Vessel of Sin
Nationality: Lucifenian
Positive Weaknesses: Family and friends.
Allergies: None
Fears: Being alone, betrayal, losing those dear to him
How sickly they are: He has poor stamina and some mental disorders, but deals with it rather well and it’s not obvious
Relationship Status: Depends. (Taken by kakuyuugouro-nisa in one though)

nemesis no. bad nemesis. don’t make a bunch of nuclear bombs. please don’t. that’s bad.
— The entire EC fandom after reading the booklet translation (via anirregulargod)
Mother and Son | Closed RP with anirregulargod



"Hey, don’t do that!" She swatted his hands away, then yawned and sat down right where she was.

"…That was too much energy…" Back to the soft-spoken doll. "Are you happy now, my son…?"

"In a way, you haven’t changed a bit." he laughed a little. "Sans being only half my height now."

"Yeah, I guess I’m happy. Want me to put you back at the podium?" Heavenly offered awkwardly.