This time, it wasn't his doing; he had been busy with other matters. However, he couldn't help but smile at discovering the Master of the Heavenly Yard chained in the basement of the theatre... it made his job /so/ much easier.

The mothy had been staring at the floor, unable to do much else but breathe and avoid thinking about the fact that he was locked in chains again, even after the ‘cleansing’ of his soul as Irregular. His wrists and ankles stung something fierce— even if he managed to free himself or get freed by someone, he’d barely be able to walk or do much of anything.

He sighed to himself, wondering why he was even imprisoned in the first place. His head was killing him, and he had no recollection of anything prior to waking up in his current position.

He glanced up at the sound of footsteps, and glared at the blond who entered. The baku he assumed was mostly benevolent now reeked of Wrath… something was terribly wrong… ”Oh, hello. Care to lend a hand? I’m a bit tied up at the moment,” he said casually, trying to ignore the strangeness and potential danger in the situation.

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my character doesn’t just need lovers

They need enemies that break them and force them to test their morals

They need friends that will backstab them and hurt their feelings

They need an enemy that will become a friend

They need friends that they would lay down their life for

They need people so close to them that they might as well be siblings

They need fights and conflict and battles that could leave them broken and inches from death

My character does not just need lovers

What would your muse do if they found mine locked in a cell and chained to a wall? Put it in my ask.



On a scale of 1 to Robert Downey Junior, how much does the mun act like their muse?
the fuck is going on. i leave for a week and now everything is exploding or some shit???? what happened -lin who is on a new blog

Someone was spewing shit about a good friend in the EC/kagepro/vocaloid community because they have standards.

I’d tell you more Lynn but you’re on anon so

         I’ll do [ anything ] for the sake of protecting you


           If I must become
EVIL, this is something I will do.



By the looks of it, Michaela is disheveled, as if she has been exercising lately. “……N, Nothing……Nothing’s wrong……at least, for now that is… You were possessed for a moment and you tried to kill me but I incapacitated you just in time… Everything’s alright now…”

"I-I did what?!" he stammered, shocked. "T-That’s insane… I-I would never…" Heavenly trailed off, realizing that as ‘Allen’, he nearly would have tried to harm her. "Y… You aren’t hurt though, right? I-I’m sorry, but I don’t know how that happened…"

Muse is having a nightmare. It starts with just mumbling in sleep, and in the end they cry out for help. What does your muse do?
Which flower would your muse give to mine?
Put a flower in my inbox to show your muse's feelings for mine, anon or not:
AMARANTH: Broken-hearted
BEGONIA: Warning
LAVENDER: Distrust
MARIGOLD: Jealousy
GERANIUM: True friendship
SUNFLOWER: Gratitude
TULIP (WHITE): Forgiveness
VIOLET: Loyalty
ZINNIA: Memories
DILL: Lust
MIMOSA: Secret admirer
PEONY: Shyness
ROSE (ORANGE): Fascination
ROSE (RED): Passionate love
SYCAMORE: Curiosity
TUBEROSE: Pleasure

holy shit why the f u c k did i wake up to seeing anon hate and spreading rumors and shit in the Vocaloid fandom?

I know I barely count as part of it because I’m in the Evillious Chronicles subgroup or w/e you wanna call us, but goddammit, people oughta cool it and be nice to each other rather than spreading lies.

for gods sake, i really hope nobody believes what people are saying about each other.

even if you hate someone a lot, d o n ’ t s p r e a d t h a t s h i t t h a t i s n o t c o o l

if you don’t get along with someone just unfollow them and move on??????? spreading shit about them because they did one thing one time is n o t cool at a l l

here’s a stunning revelation: maybe y o u are the problem.

i don’t want to name names or pick sides or any of that shit, really.
I just want the hate to stop. Agree to disagree. Live and let live. Don’t start up a dumb fight over that one time someone did something you didn’t like.

is that really so difficult?

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you know the blonde one that's like 5 inches taller than you. that's yo girl


A wild Anon appeared! What will Heavenly do?

yo lips belong to yo girl tho don't they hev winkwinknudgenudge

Your lips look so lonely.... Would they like to meet mine?

The Heavenly Yard