bonus round: explain why it would fit them best!

Yes plz

I’ve just started getting into Avatar (I KNOW I KNOW) and I’m really curious about this!

Yes, tell me!

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"You’re naively devoted to something and you don’t think much about it. When defending your actions, your reasoning is highly flawed and easily debunked."

"… Gee, sounds familiar."

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"… Mildly terrifying. Otherwise, I don’t know much about [him/her]."

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mechanicalelephant said: this could be anyone

"If I say anything else about this person, I give away who they are."

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#ic #:'D

"Another goddamned asshole."

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"… No. Just no. No.”

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"now, how do I describe this person without pissing [him/her] off? [He/She] is… a character, I’ll say that much. Why is [his/her] hair color and style so common, though? I keep mistaking [him/her] for [redacted name]. And that’s not a good thing…”

"I mean, [name] isn’t all bad, but it’s hard to talk about the positives without giving someone away."

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"Yeesh, how do I talk about [him/her] without giving [him/her] away? [He/she] is very… interesting, and rather [giveaway word] and demanding for someone like [him/her]- quite the opposite of what I’d expect [him/her] to be like."

"This person… well, can I even call [him/her] a person? I don’t even know— [he/she] gets on my nerves for no real reason, other than just to annoy me for fun."

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adollxapuppet sent:

₪ "Have a drink, my son. You are of that age that forgetting the fact that you are annoying is wise."


stares at.
"I’m just going to pretend that’s a compliment."

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That's the goal! ₪

two glasses down.

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taintedwrath sent:

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ <3 ]

"Did I mention one per person?" hev you’re making up these rules on the spot—
"I’M DOING IT WHILE I’M STILL COHERENT-!" shut up and drink.

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blue-haired-men-ruined-my-life sent:

₪ (Hi, Daisy)

"… great I might actually get drunk.”

he takes a drink.
that’s what, four so far?

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a twist on the number game

send me a number between 1-1000 and my muse will say how they feel about your muse

without anyone knowing who you are

Anonymous sent:

₪ wanna see em drunk

"I said no more grey faces…"

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Anonymous sent:

"How do I know you grey faces aren’t all the same person…?"

"Last one I’ll take from a grey face, alright?"

Aaaaand the glass is empty.

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